BlueKey Asset Management

“In an efficient market, at any point in time, the actual price of a security will be a good estimate of its intrinsic value.” - Eugene Fama

BlueKey Wealth Advisors portfolios are designed using scientific research and not speculations. Our portfolios are low cost, tax efficient using Modern Portfolio theory and capture asset allocation designed to meet your specific goals. Our fee structures for our portfolio are non‐commissioned in order to serve you objectively and truly meet your needs.

BlueKey Evidence Based Portfolios:

We develop and maintain a portfolio designed to meet your financial objective. With each portfolio we provide you an “Investment Policy Statement”

Second Opinion:

We provide you with a second review of your current portfolio to help you asses risk parameter and objectives.

Complete Wealth Asset Allocation:

Most high net worth families’ acquire multiple investments outside of the normal Stocks and Bonds. Real estate, private notes and private market investments are typically overlooked with basic asset allocation. We provide you a more comprehensive approach and determine the impact of the certain asset classes and your investment portfolio.

Financial Planning

Receive a complimentary discovery meeting to start your financial plan.

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Second Opinion

Receive a thorough analysis of your portfolio from our team of professional financial planners.

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